Who We Are

McGinn Financial Services is a full-service firm dedicated to helping our clients protect and grow their hard-earned assets.

An Independent Firm Focused on You
Your choice to work with McGinn Financial Services is the first step in getting guidance based directly on your needs and goals. We are not bound to any insurance or investment companies, so we have the freedom to structure our business in a manner that best serves our clients. We are an independent financial services firm, but we are not alone. We are part of a large branch called Premier Wealth Management, Inc.™ and we also utilize a broker-dealer called Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge). These firms provide a variety of services, including processing business, marketing assistance, and practice management. In addition, they are responsible for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws.

Strength in Numbers
One of the benefits of being part of the Premier Wealth Management, Inc.™ branch is the opportunity to closely interact with other independent financial professionals who offer a wide variety of practice models and experience upon which we can draw to expand our knowledge base and provide more investment, insurance, and financial planning solutions. In addition, as part of a large group we often obtain practice management resources and technology software at a lower cost, helping us operate our business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.
We take great pride in knowing that Cambridge’s service oriented culture is driven by unwavering core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. Owned entirely by its management and financial professionals around the country, Cambridge is committed to true independence. Since its inception in 1981¹, Cambridge has continually put the objectivity of its financial professionals first to ensure the long-term success of the financial services industry, financial professionals, and clients. Recognized in the industry as The Fee Experts®2, Cambridge has been ranked a fee leader among independent broker-dealers for 17 consecutive years3 and is a nine-time honoree in the Broker-Dealer of the Year annual poll4.

1. Cambridge and its predecessor broker-dealer
2. THE FEE EXPERTS® is a registered mark of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. for its investment advisory service for investment managers.
3. Financial Planning magazine, June “FP50”, 2001-2017
4. Investment Advisor magazine, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007 Division IV; 2003 Division III. A broker-dealer becomes eligible for this honor only after a minimum of 10 percent of its producing rep-advisors cast valid ballots. The ballots rate the broker-dealer in 15 different categories defined by Investment Advisor as relevant challenges and concerns. Broker-dealers receiving the highest marks in each of four divisions are declared Broker-Dealer of the Year. Results are based on experience and perceptions of participants surveyed in June of each of the nine years listed. Experience may vary. Visit http://www.thinkadvisor.com.

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